GMT Magazine Version Papier - XXL Suisse Eté 2022

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Êtes-vous intéressé par les montres ? Êtes-vous un passionné d’horlogerie ? Depuis l’an 2000, le magazine GMT propose des articles dédiés au monde de la Haute Horlogerie.

GMT XXL Suisse - Eté 2022

Twenty years young

WELCOME TO THE 20th EDITION OF THE SWISS GMT XXL, a veritable phenomenon whose format has inspired numerous other magazines around the globe since its launch. The world has changed considerably since 2002; time has accelerated and so has watchmaking. Symbolizing highquality time and tradition along with artisanal and human values that are both aesthetic and tangible, mechanical watches and their creators or the brands that make them play a crucial role that excludes any risk of a headlong race to nowhere. Based on cultivating fine craftsmanship, perpetuating skills and ensuring the intrinsic longevity of their creations, their message seems to appeal to the new generations. This good news is reflected in a recent M.I.S Trend survey of young people, who cite as their top three reasons for appreciating beautiful watches “an object that denotes a certain style”; “beautiful mechanisms and complications”; and “a love of beautiful objects”. Watches are also just behind mountains, chocolate and the Swiss franc as the symbols of Switzerland they most greatly value. Their favorite watch brand has become Rolex. A third of them learn about watchmaking through advertising, and half of them would like to visit a watch factory! Many of them have joined the Fine Watch Club for passionate enthusiasts created by GMT and WorldTempus and whose program is constantly expanding – as will be notably visible at Geneva Watch Days this fall. Aiming at all generations and all tastes, GMT’s editorial staff has put together a selection of new models from all watchmaking groups and independent brands of all sizes. For those who are interested in a particular type of watch, our publishing house has also launched The Millennium Watch Book collection, whose thematic volumes are slated for publication through to 2030. After the 2021 tome on tourbillons in 2021, this year’s volume is devoted to diving watches – naturally in a larger-than-life format.

Brice Lechevalier, Founder & Editor-in-Chief


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