Encelade 1789 Rotor cufflinks in

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Encelade 1789 - Rotor cufflinks in stainless steel

The unique Rotor cufflinks in stainless steel are crafted to rotate with the movement of the wrists. They also carry all the luxury and sheer desirability that the Swiss label Encelade 1789 is known for. The label is named for both Enceladus, Saturn's natural moon which was discovered by astronomers in 1789 and another world-changing event of that year, the French Revolution. Saturn's moon is stylised in the label's logo while every accessory from Encelade 1789 is revolutionary in design and concept.

Cufflinks are often the invisible accessory but this pair from Encelade 1789 is a mini work of art that deserves to be seen. And, with their ability to rotate through 360° these Rotor cufflinks are certainly an eye-catching talking point. This intricate design features over 34 components and are amongst the smallest ball-bearings in the world. The polished stainless steel gives a high-quality finish that perfectly accessorises dress shirts and formal suits or adds a touch of class to smart casual dressing.

These Rotor cufflinks in stainless steel are crafted from 316L high-grade steel designed to resist corrosion. This steel is sandblasted and bevelled before the cufflinks are assembled by hand. They are then highly polished to give a deluxe satin finish. Another unique feature of Encelade 1789 cufflinks is the sliding clip that gives a neat and secure closure no matter the thickness of the shirt's fabric.

Features of the Encelade 1789 Rotor cufflinks in stainless steel

  • High-grade 316L stainless steel
  • Precision crafting by hand
  • Rotor cufflinks come with a two-year warranty
  • Rotating detail
  • Unique sliding clip


Encelade 1789 - Rotor collection

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