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The WorldTempus Selection - Chronographs - Digital version EN

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Almost 200 chronograph articles and models published from January to July 2019, selected by the watchmaking reference website,

Each Selection includes :

  • an article from our Editor-in-Chief
  • a table of contents
  • a chapter containing our experts’ analyses organised by brand
  • a chapter with all the videos regrouped on the subject
  • a third chapter with more articles describing each model (by brand)
  • lastly a chapter presenting all the new models available on the WorldTempus directory

Suzanne Wong, Rédactrice en chef

Suzanne Wong
Editor-in-Chief, WorldTempus

A chronograph is, quite simply, a watch with an additional timing function that can be used to measure discrete periods of elapsed time. It is not to be confused with a chronometer, which describes a highly accurate timekeeper which has achieved specific certifications.

Almost every article you read that purports to give you all the chronograph basics will at some point break down the etymology of the word. From the Greek: Chronos (time) + Graphein (to write) = Chronograph (time-writer), the word is a formulation that arises from one of the earliest examples of chronograph mechanisms that we know of. This was the timing equipment of Nicolas Rieussec, used during equine sporting events, that literally marked elapsed time with an ink drop on ...

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