Reuge - COCOON music box

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Cocoon music box by Reuge

In 1865, Charles Reuge founded his company by integrating music boxes into ordinary pocket watches. Later, because of his talent for miniaturisation, the company was, among other awards and accolades, featured in the Guinness Book of Records for designing the smallest music box in the world!

The Cocoon music box by Reuge is the perfect accessory for watch enthusiasts, and it will delight both women and men of all ages. Its timeless elegance makes it a perfect individual or corporate gift (it is of course possible to add a logo).

The world renowned Reuge brand is synonymous with perfection. However, technology alone, as perfect as it is, cannot create magic; it arises from the way the music is harmoniously associated with these fabulous mechanisms. Each note of original music is transformed manually by the precise and delicate work of artisans: the pinner, the crafstman, the tuner, and the assembler combine their expertise to create the Reuge Cocoon music box.

All you need to do is choose the melody that will enchant you: from Chopin to Gershwin and Guantanamera, there is something for everyone! With each new listening experience, the active mechanism can be admired through the transparent shell of the music box. When not playing music, the pebble shape turns this work of art into a paperweight, so that practicality and pleasure are always associated in the purest tradition of the Reuge house.

Specifications of the Cocoon music box by Reuge:

  • Pebble-shaped transparent paperweight
  • Dimensions: 164x125x50mm
  • Movement: REUGE 1.36
  • 36 notes, 1 melody, 1 cylinder

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