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Gyro 1799 Stainless Steel / blue PVD cufflinks by Encelade 1789

The Gyro 1799 Stainless Steel / blue PVD cufflinks were created by the brand Encelade 1789, a family business. This range of cufflinks, which took over two years of research and development to create, is inspired by the solar system.  

The cufflinks have an eye-catching and unusual gyroscopic design that comprises 56 separate components and 12 ball bearings. They represent the Enceladus moon, which orbits the rings of Saturn. The design has been patented around the world, and is instantly recognisable to design connoisseurs. The multiple rings rotate around each other, and even though they can rotate up to 150,000 revolutions per minute, the system is completely silent. They are made from 316L steel and come in a polished, and sandblasted satin finish. They are bevelled and assembled by hand, and can be adjusted to suit different cuff thicknesses.

The Gyro 1799 Stainless Steel / blue PVD cufflinks from Encelade 1789 are most at home when paired with crisp shirts and a well-cut suit. They are ideal for business meetings where making a subtle, stylish impact is a must. They work equally well in day-to-day life, or for events such as weddings.

Details of the Encelade 1789 Gyro 1799 Stainless Steel / blue PVD cufflinks

  • Polished and sandblasted to a satin finish
  • Assembled by hand
  • Unusual gyroscopic design
  • High-quality 316L steel / blue PVD
  • 2 Years warranty


Encelade 1789 - Gyro collection

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