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GMT No 74 - Lady 2021

For women by women

The last 18 months will go down in history on so many fronts, but never one to dwell on the negative side of things, I want to draw your attention to something rather wonderful that has resulted from all the COVID chaos. During lockdown, three of my dear watch industry friends – including Suzanne Wong, WorldTempus’ Editor in Chief – started a discussion on Clubhouse about women’s watches and whether we should classify them by gender at all. Aren’t today’s female collectors wearing just about everything? Case in point, check out our cover of Chiara Ferragni sporting a 42mm Hublot Integral King Gold Pavé!

From our friends at Time + Tide in Australia to the folks at The New York Times, the topic has been picked up by the global media. As the new editor of Lady by GMT, this posed many questions about what a women’s watch and jewelry magazine should look like. If we are fighting for a gender-free world, should that include watches and magazines too? With the help of an all-female group of brilliant writers and photographers, we have decided to move away from a women’s watch and jewelry magazine to a watch and jewelry magazine for women. The difference is subtle, but it is definitely there. There will always be creations that are predominantly worn by women, just as there will be products designed primarily for men, but perhaps the labels should go. And if not the labels, at least the raised eyebrows when we girls rock up in something beyond 40mm, or a guy drapes himself in diamonds. This brand-new issue of Lady by GMT celebrates watches and jewelry from a slightly different angle. Check out our colorful photo shoot where we feature men and women wearing the same watches and jewelry to show that great design has no gender. We have also interviewed a number of incredible women whose work is paving the way for the next generation of girls to dream big. We present a new watch knowledge section where you can learn about precision, and we talk to the guys about which traditionally-feminine watches (I am not sure if I can still say that!) they would wear if they could! And although I have been talking a lot about watches, we have pages packed with jewelry, showing the latest creations and inspirations from across the globe that will help you with your upcoming list for Santa Claus! We hope you enjoy the subtle shift that we have tried to bring to Lady by GMT. Let’s face it, when you open the gender gates, it just increases the number of horological and jewelry creations available to enjoy, and that can’t be a bad thing, now can it?

SOPHIE FURLEY I Editor-in-Chief

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