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RDI Watch Winder Mémoire

CHF 6,500.00

RDI - Mémoire watch winder

The Mémoire watch winder comes from Swiss family firm RDI. Founded in 2006, the brand focuses on quality products which are reliable and timeless. They pride themselves on the high-quality products they produce, that are some of the most silent winders available.

This stunning watch winder is made from highly-polished metal and elegant, natural wood; which gives each winder a unique pattern. Petrified wood is a deluxe and unusual material that is part vegetable and part mineral; it is made from a mix of water, ash and minerals such as iron and copper. When these elements combine they create a unique and eye-catching effect. The front is made from leather with a glass door. It has 16 different rotation programmes to help watches run at optimal performance, and it can be run from both a mains connector and 2 AA batteries.

The Mémoire watch winder is most at home when housing a luxurious and beautiful watch, and it will fit in with any exquisite decorating scheme. It would be perfectly situated on a bedroom table, and its quiet mechanism means that it will not cause any disturbance.

Details of the Mémoire watch winder

  • Dimensions: 165 x 165 x 145 mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Column material: black metal
  • Side and roof material: petrified wood
  • 16 programs
  • Power: 2 AA batteries or mains
  • Unique piece

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