RDI Watch Winder Prestige

CHF 2,100.00

Prestige K10-5 watch winder

The Prestige K10-5 watch winder was designed and created by renowned watch accessory and winder company RDI. The company was founded in 2006, and operates from a headquarters in Switzerland. They produce accessories for some of the most legendary names in watchmaking, as well as designing their own range of creative and innovative mechanical watch winders.

The K10-5 is part of the Prestige range, which contains several stylish winders in understated colours, materials and finishes. They can be paired together to form a timeless collection. Prestige K10-5 is made from high-shine lacquered glass, buttery leather, and black metal columns. When combined, these elements form an elegant yet functional piece. It has 16 programs that ensure watches run to their full potential at all times, and quiet mechanism means the winder is unobtrusive.

The Prestige K10-5 watch winder has a contemporary, masculine feel that lends itself to housing luxury men's watches. It would be most at home on a bedroom or living room sideboard; anywhere where it can catch the eye and be admired. It generous front opening also allows for the watch inside to be appreciated.

Details of the Prestige K10-5 watch winder

  • Dimensions: length 165mm, width 165mm, and height 145mm
  • Weight: 3.2g
  • Black metal columns
  • Black glass sides
  • Leather-clad front with no door
  • 16 programs
  • Operated by 2 AA batteries or mains power

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