RDI Watch Winder Prestige

CHF 2,100.00

The Prestige K10-4 watch winder

The Prestige K10-4 watch winder comes from world-famous watch accessory and winder company RDI. This Swiss company has been creating functional yet beautiful products since 2006. It is family run and places a focus on exacting standards and top-quality craftsmanship.

The winder blends both classic and contemporary style, and is a must for watch winder collectors. It is part of the wider prestige range, which works well alongside the K10-4. The winder is incredibly quiet, and has a total of 16 programmes that enable watches to run precisely on time. This model elegantly combines black lacquered glass with soft smooth leather, and stylish black metal columns. The generous front opening makes it easy-to-use, and allows the watch inside to be viewed while the winder is in action. This is a timeless piece that will become a future heirloom.

The Prestige K10-4 watch winder is most at home when paired with a stylish contemporary decorating scheme. It can be placed in any room, as its wonderfully unobtrusive and discreet mechanism will not cause any disturbance. Its masculine feel would suit a wide variety of luxury men's watches.

Details of the Prestige K10-4 watch winder

  • Dimensions: length 165mm, width 165mm, and height 145mm
  • Weight: 3.2g
  • Black metal columns
  • Black glass sides
  • Leather-clad front with no door
  • 16 programs
  • Operated by 2 AA batteries or mains power

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