LB-2 spectacle case -

CHF 169.00

LB-2 spectacle case in plum leather

The LB-2 spectacle case in plum leather comes from Dajczman, a luxury accessories company that was founded by Régis Dajczman. The designer comes from a long line of cabinet makers, and he dabbled in fashion, design and music before starting this company that focuses on his real passion: working with leather.

This stylish glasses case is a must have for any owner of luxury glasses or sunglasses. It is functional yet beautiful, with sleek lines and a timeless design. Made in plum leather, tanned with vegetable dyes, this useful case protects delicate lenses from scratches. The inside is lined with soft lambskin, and it has a leather chord which wraps around the case to fasten it. It comes in two sizes, both large and small, for every size and design of glasses. Each case is handmade in Paris, and ensures quality and a long-lasting, durable finish.

The LB-2 spectacle case in plum leather is unisex and is the ideal purchase or gift for both men and women. It should be kept close at hand in a handbag or glove box, and taken out and admired whenever possible.

Details of the LB-2 spectacle case in plum leather

  • Size: 135 x 58mm closed and 145 x 65mm open
  • Colour: Plum / Inner Lining Coral / Lace Plum / Raw edges Pink
  • Material: Vegetaly tanned leather on the outside and nappa lambskin on the inside

* Dajczman products are shipped from France. Orders placed outside of France are subject to the VAT of the country and custom charges.

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