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GMT No 59 - November 2018

Ladies First

Symbolically, the title of our 100% ladies’ special edition published for the first time ten years ago has reversed the order of its name : GMT Lady has thus now become LADY by GMT. This metamorphosis runs very deep, involving a complete makeover of its layout, content and editorial team. The outcome no longer reads like a single watchmaking magazine dedicated to watches for women and jewelry, but more like a national women’s magazine (of which so few remain !) focusing on feminine  watchmaking and jewelry (it is still the only one). This welcome initiative is the work of an entirely feminine taskforce, driven by the sales manager of GMT Publishing, Liah Millasson. Her ideas have been brought to life by Laurence, the feminine side of our graphic studio, ETC Design. I would like to extend an enormous vote of thanks to them for this summer undertaking
and hope that our lady readers will find the end result as successful as I do. This is also an opportunity for me to thank our loyal translators, Susan and Birgit, who have ensured the outstanding quality of the articles in English and German since the very beginning of GMT back in 2000, and whose vigilance has sometimes been a huge help with regard to issues in the original texts. It is often said that women represent the future of watches and jewelry, but the same undoubtedly applies to the press !

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