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GMT No 56 - March 2018

Watch Photo Awards

With its past that is no more, its future that is not yet and its eternal present perpetually slipping away between memories and
plans, time is the most prodigious form of machinery». Such was the wonderment expressed by French author and member of the Académie française Jean d’Ormesson in his book Comme un chant d’espérance (Like a Song of Hope). We share this vision, which is also echoed in the initiative taken by Carlo Lamprecht in 2001, the then president of the Foundation of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève : namely to immortalize the Art of time measurement by officially naming it the 12th Art. An early advocate of these same values, GMT contributes to promoting the 12th Art in a regular eponymous column notably featured
in this springtime edition. It tells you of the kinship between horological creations and the six first arts as defined by the German philosopher Hegel. While the 7th Art (film) is the best-known, few people continue to associate the 8th Art with photography. In a year when GMT is celebrating its 18th birthday, we are launching the first watch photography competition and thereby offering all Fine Watchmaking aficionados an opportunity to associate the 8th Art with the 12th Art in the Watch Photo Awards. Three portfolios in the present issue illustrate this approach. Along with its digital counterpart (WT), GMT is thus continuing to promote mechanical watchmaking in a playful and aesthetically appealing manner by inviting all those who so wish to share their attachment to their most beautiful watches. Each month from May through October 2018, visit the website (or subscribe to the WT newsletter) to find the theme around which to take pictures of your favorite watch. WT will publish the ten most appealing photos every month ; the public will vote for the best among them ; and in November GMT and WT will organize a large exhibition showcasing these 60 works. The watch industry now has its photography competition and is extending the hand of friendship… Seize it, seize time, don’t let the present slip away – but instead use your arty click to make it part of a groundswell. Together, we are going to establish what may well become the world’s largest virtual watch photo museum.

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