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GMT No 55 - December 2017

18 Years

Born in the first year of the first century of the third millennium, GMT is celebrating its 18th birthday in 2018 and inviting
the watch community to toast the event at a gala evening held during the SIHH. Testifying to the strong pull still exercised by Fine Watchmaking and reflecting the huge diversity of its stakeholders, this event is supported by both a loyal traditional family-run industry supplier, the Lambert family ; as well as by a Chinese entrepreneur who founded an e-commerce giant, Richard Liu. Whether reflecting number symbolism or the random nature of individual trajectories, 18 was also the number of those who came up on stage to receive their distinctions (sometimes jointly, as pictured on the previous page) at the prize-giving ceremony of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève – which was created a year after GMT and whose path has always run close to that of the magazine. Are we entering the Age of Meaning, or is it in fact the meaning of time that was dealt with at the Forum de la Haute Horlogerie created by the extremely creative Fabienne Lupo, head of the SIHH ? GMT takes a look at her incredible Homo Faber initiative, the first biennial exhibition of fine craftsmanship, of which the first edition will be held in 2018 in tribute to the expertise of artisans and to human dexterity. Fine publishing craftsmanship is part of this tradition to which GMT firmly belongs. Sincere thanks to our readers, who will doubtless be delighted to learn that their consumption of print media enables them to remember what they have read for 75% longer than social media fans, whose memorization capacities and ability to concentrate are reaching saturation point, as proved by the first studies on this topic. The meaning of time or the age of meaning : why choose when you are just 18 years young ? We wish everyone the good sense to treat themselves to special moments in time, preferably with a timepiece on their wrist.

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