GMT Magazine- digital version - November 2017 (Lady)

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GMT No 54 November 2017 (Lady)

Dreamy gold

Irresistible ! The GMT annual special edition dedicated to women’s watches and jewelry creations is packed with a wide variety of discoveries and admirable temptations. While most of these mini-treasures are designed to be wrist-worn, we have not neglected other areas equally deserving of adornments gently encircling the neck or fingers – and especially so during the festive season. Feminine watchmaking is sometimes considered the new Eldorado that brands are looking to conquer. So how do the latter set about appealing to women ? Why choose personalities as different as Lady Gaga for Tudor, featured on our cover, or Margot Robbie for Richard Mille, as pictured on the previous page. More on that later in the magazine. The most timeless stars of all are of course the models themselves, spanning all price ranges and the full style spectrum. Female clients are increasingly playing a role in personalizing timepieces, as explained in our article on interchangeable straps. Our theme-based Editors’ Picks, exploring themes such as animals, horological complications, jewelry and moon phases, aim to inspire, to
give ideas and to spark overwhelming desires ! As the true face of the watch, the dial naturally represents a whole domain in its own right, subtly transformed into mesmerizingly magical interpretations through the tens or sometimes hundreds of hours lavished on adorning it. Meanwhile, jewelry and High Jewelry are continuing to set new records in terms of creativity, often embodying values deeply embedded in the heritage of the brands that present them. They are also establishing other records relating to the number of carats and the impressive size of the rough stones from which they originate. For is it not indeed the very nature of dreams to appear beyond reach ?


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