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GMT No 52 June 2017

If there is one particular field where watchmakers are driven by a desire for experiences and partnerships, it is doubtless that of cars. The latter industry conveys values targeted by many watch brands covering the entire price range - notably including design, innovation, materials, performance and pleasure, along with friendship, comfort and image enhancement. To such a degree that this almost inseparable relationship between these two extremely masculine passions has provided the roadmap for our summer edition. Reflecting this quest for excellence shared by the two worlds, the Octo Finissimo Automatic by Bulgari appearing on the cover holds the world slimness record among self-winding watches. The Octo collection is indeed associated with Maserati, whose powerful models with their sleek curves lent themselves admirably to our photo shoot held at Modena Cars and staging exceptional watches, including by other brands so as to provide pleasing variety. A love of being in the driving seat is well worth branching off towards other names upholding reliable values, as explained by Raynald Aeschlimann (CEO Omega) and Christian Lattmann (CEO Jaquet Droz) in their exclusive interviews. These 'reliable values' also apply to our Test Bench article devoted to the Vacheron Constantin's Overseas Chronograph, as well as to the Innovation column dealing with Aquanaut Travel Time from Patek Philippe Advanced Research. Last but not least, they are showcased in the 2017 crop of unique prices watches offered by GMT and WorldTempus to mark the latter's 16th anniversary, in collaboration with a dozen or so watch brands across all price segments. Enjoy a full dose of thrills!

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