George Daniels, A Master Watchmaker & His Art by Michael Clerizo

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The watch must be original in design and conception and, when completed, beautiful in appearance. George Daniels, WatchmakingMaster watch designer and inventor George Daniels (1926–2011) was regarded as the finest exponent of his craft in the world. Over the course of his career he laboriously constructed just 25 unique mechanical watches using antiquated tools, creating almost every component by hand. Each is a work of great originality and exceptional beauty, and his creations are appreciated as milestones in the art of watchmaking.While admired for their lucidity of appearance and unadorned dials, Daniels’s watches often house a raft of exquisite complications, such as tourbillons, thermometers and power reserve indicators. His more intricate designs also incorporate perpetual calendars and minute repeaters, as well as indictors displaying mean solar and sidereal time, the age and phases of the moon, and the equation of time. Most significant of all Daniels’s contributions to the field of mechanical horology was a revolutionary invention of his own: the co-axial escapement. This, the first noteworthy advance in practical watch design since Thomas Mudge’s lever escapement of 1754, saved a mechanical watch industry in danger of being overwhelmed by mass-produced, quartz-controlled wristwatches. Within this elegant volume, detailed photographs of all Daniels’s unique watches (both dial and movement) can be seen, alongside rare and previously unseen images from Daniels’s own archive of photographs and working drawings.Michael Clerizo worked closely with George Daniels in the preparation of this book, the craftsman recounting episodes from his life and career over their innumerable conversations at his home on the Isle of Man. That ample biography is also contained herein, ensuring that the book is a fitting and authentic tribute to the greatest watchmaker of the modern era.